For viruses, bacteria & fungi

Colloidal silver is a powerful, broad spectrum and natural antimicrobial that has been used since ancient times, due to its non-toxic nature to the human body, at low concentrations. It effectively eliminates more than 650 bacteria, mould and fungi, as reported by numerous peer reviewed studies. It is also a recognised and potent anti-inflammatory agent. Furthermore it displays regenerative properties, allowing it to facilitate healing. For further information please refer to scientific papers at the bottom of this page, substantiating studies.


MultiRepair Liqui-Gel™

(200 ml)

This product not only serves as your first line of defence against infections, but it also combats inflammation. Its dual-action soothes while promoting healing.

Silverlab’s Healing Liqui-Gel is formulated with MultiRepair™

Liqui-Gel targets:

As a hygienic barrier gel, it helps to prevent microbial infections

Multi-Support Liquid™

(200 ml)

Used externally, as a natural antimicrobial agent, Silverlab Multi-Support Liquid contains billions of positively charged silver particles, which actively seek and eliminate harmful germs, reduce inflammation and can safely be used for extended periods of time.

A high purity colloidal silver liquid, which provides a solution to many skin conditions.

SilverRepair™ Liquid Spray

(100 ml)

Silverlab’s 100ml Spray represents the ultimate refinement of ionic+ Colloidal Silver, offering the optimum concentration and particle size for topical applications.

Silverlab SilverRepair™ Ear Support

(30 ml)

Silverlab’s Ear Support™ is formulated with SilverRepair™ and may be used as a natural antimicrobial (anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal) and anti-inflammatory agent

Silverlab SilverRepair™ Nasal Spray

(30 ml)

Did you know that most viral infections start in the nose? Silverlab’s ionic Nasal Spray helps stops germs before they are able to reproduce and cause infection.

It is also safe to use for prolonged periods of time, and its dual support action ensures comprehensive antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory cover.

Mesh Nebuliser

Silverlab’s advanced, compact and portable Mesh Nebuliser may assist in caring for your family’s respiratory health.